Some of 2016’s Must Visit Travel Destinations


We all have that favorite vacation spot we like to retreat to for some r&r, but is your favorite place in the world on the list of the world’s top travel destinations? Here at Sunline Travel, we receive many requests for first and business class air tickets to some of 2016’s most popular destinations such as the four below…

The gorgeous, tropical island country of Sri Lanka is pleasantly uncrowded and offers vacationers a luxurious stay, especially in its cosmopolitan, coastal capital, Colombo. On the southwestern part of the island in Galle, the newly-opened, designer hotel, Tri Lanka is equally as luxurious. Sri Lanka has the most amazing ruins and miles of beautiful beach to explore.

Colombo, Sri Lanka
Secluded and Luxurious Hotel Tri Lanka

Secluded and Luxurious Hotel Tri Lanka

There is nothing quite like an African safari and Tanzania is definitely the place to go if you feel this way inclined. A visit to the Serengeti National Park is a once in a lifetime experience. In addition, the Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Arusha are also just on your doorstep when visiting Tanzania.

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater

Japan has just made it easier for vacationers due to the fact that a direct bullet train now links Tokyo with Hokkaido (the northernmost of its islands and considered to be Japan’s natural masterpiece). If you go to Hokkaido in the summer, you can camp, hike or go climbing while admiring the beautiful lakes, hot springs, mountains and forests. Winter isn’t bad, either with the Niseko resort offering the most amazing skiing.

South Africa’s “mother city”, Cape Town with its iconic Table Mountain, wine farms, botanical gardens and sunny, sweeping beaches is another popular favorite, especially since tourists get the opportunity to visit Robben Island by boat and see the famous cell in which inspirational, Nelson Mandela was held for 27 years.

Robben Island, South Africa

Robben Island, South Africa