What Benefits Business Class Flights Have For Business Travelers

For business travelers, it is extremely important to be flexible and to have all the amenities they need and at the right price too. Economy class is cheaper, but it can’t provide the services, and conveniences business travelers need. You can’t take a lot of baggage, and you don’t earn good mileage bonuses. First-class tickets, on the other hand, can cost twice as much as a business-class ticket, but offer similar amenities and not a lot more mileage bonus. At Sunline Travels, we know how important cheap and discounted Business Class flights for business travelers and what amenities they need. That is why we have a great selection of flights that will fit the needs of even the most demanding business traveler, and at an unbeatable price.

Business Travelers Can Continue Their Work Even During a Flight


Singapore Airlines entertainment console with USB ports and power outlet.

Above all else, Business Class lounges are carefully designed to allow business travelers perform their duties and continue their work even during their flight. Businesses often send their employees to distant countries and getting there could take quite a while. That is why it is important not to waste this precious time and ensure you will have a surrounding that boosts your productivity. Business Class lounges feature numerous amenities, such as additional spacious desks, USB ports and power supplies to facilitate the work of all business travelers. And in today’s fast-paced world these amenities are a necessity for every business traveler.

All the Amenities You Need

Although various airlines offer different amenities and services, almost all have a business class that shares many luxurious features offered by the first class, but at a much lower price. They usually come with a special flat bed seat, all the food, and beverages your employee might need, and plenty of other amenities. In addition, at Sunline Travels we have a great selection of cheap business class flights that will help business travelers get to their destination safely and comfortably, and at the same time will save them a lot of money.

A More Cost-Effective Way to Earn Mileage Bonuses

Another great advantage of business class flights is the amount of mileage bonuses travelers can earn. Usually, a first-class ticket would cost you almost twice as much as business class would. However, you only earn miles at a 150% rate, while business ticket earns you just 25% less mileage bonuses. In addition, the cheap business class tickets you can get at Sunline Travels make purchase of first class seat even less cost effective.

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Business Class vs First Class: A Quick Comparison

There is often great confusion as to the difference between business class travel and first class travel and many people mistakenly believe that they are one and the same thing. This could not be further from the truth. These two classes of travel vary greatly and, depending on your travel requirements, will determine which class you will inevitably select.

If you value privacy and ultimate comfort on flights, especially during long-haul flights, you may want to opt for a first class ticket. The reason for this is that many airlines offer private, enclosed seats with amenities such as your own private workstation, tv and wide-angled bed that can lie completely flat.

Singapore Airlines Busines seat

As the name suggests, business class was originally targeted at the corporate market and today, most business class passengers are still businesspeople flying off to meetings in other cities for business travel. This is due to the fact that most high-end companies can afford to fly their employees business class but, in return often expect them to work while flying in their comfortable business class seats.

Although not quite as luxurious as first class, business class enables one to experience a very comfortable flying experience at a cheaper price than a first class ticket.


If you are thinking of flying in your personal capacity and believe that a business class or first class ticket is out of your price range, think again! Travel agencies such as Sunline Travels, who specialize uniquely in first and business class travel can often find you cheap business class tickets and discounted first class tickets which can make the discomfort of long-haul flights so much more comfortable. Of course, if you travel frequently, using your frequent flier miles can also help you to obtain a discounted business class flight or even a cheap first class ticket.

Whichever way you look at it, business class and first class travel is definitely that way to go!

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Flat-bed or angled-flat seats ?

Full flat-bed seats are now the Benchmark standard for long haul Business class airline travel, and for travellers wanting to get the best sleep during the flight, this should be the product type that you seek out. Angled-flat seats are still provided by many airlines, and whilst they claim that with the incline of an aircraft inflight the seats will not feel angled, the reality is that these seats can be quite uncomfortable for sleeping – passengers reporting that they slowly slide down and rest is hard to come by. Read more here..


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